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Monday, October 8 2012 at 00:00 (Daily Life, Games, Trips)

Not sure why ‘power’. But I figured that just ‘University’ would be a boring title.

To start off with, unfinished business. obviously I never cleared up how things ended up in Japan, mostly because I was busy in Tokyo and then as soon as I got home a lot of things happened, then I had a lot of free time but was feeling lazy. Sendai was wonderful and extremely nice and one of my favourite places I visited in Japan. Tokyo was very nice as well, but somewhat bigger and scarier than Sendai (though no Japanese cities ever really feel scary because it’s such a safe country). I met up with Marie and Daniel and we did exciting things and I went to Comiket and it was awesome and I went up Tokyo Tower (though not Tokyo Skytree) and did some other things that slip my mind right now.

Basically the whole trip was a stunningly fantastic experience. I met fantastic people that I hope I’ll be able to keep in contact with for years to come and did amazing things that I won’t ever forget. I can’t wait until I get the chance to go back.
So when I got home I found out that I’d got into Nottingham university, which was surprising but rather nice overall. After that I spent around a month and a half gradually accruing university things and failing to do much in the way of packing. I did some more work on the Mid Suffolk Light Railway but overall I was rather unfocused and not exactly working on anything. There was one Head-Fi meet on the 15th of September which was pretty awesome apart from the fact that I got rather lost in Cambridge on the way back after kindly dropping someone off at the train station. I heard an SR-009 and Blue Hawaii SE combo and it was pretty good, but still not leaps and bounds ahead of my rig.

On the 22nd of September I made the journey up to Nottingham with two rather full rucksacks on a pathetically short two-hour train journey (it would probably have been about half an hour by Shinkansen) and spent a night on the floor of a friend who’s at Nottingham Trent. His parents, one of whom is my godmother, had kindly brought up the majority of their stuff in their car.
The actual excitement started on the 23rd, when roads were locked with traffic and confused students had seemingly taken over the universe – I was obviously not one of them, moving around confidently and only feigning confusion. After arriving relatively painlessly, getting my keys and moving in all my stuff we discovered that my hall wasn’t providing pillows and duvets – the hall information had very specifically said ‘bring bed linen (pillow and duvet covers and sheets)’ but didn’t mention the actual bedding itself. We went off to the nearby gigantic Tesco but the aforementioned students had raided the bedding hard and all that remained was king size duvets and a few other scraps. I managed to get an extremely cheap ‘extra-thin keep-you-cool’ duvet and a Tesco Value pillow. Both were pretty shit, but I figured that they’d work temporarily and I could replace them later on.
On the way back from Tesco the traffic was so bad that I ended up jumping/getting pushed out of the car, abandoned in Nottingham to fend for myself. I made my way back to the campus and my hall and then got to work assembling my bedside table using my exciting new tools (hammer, both types of screwdriver, needle-nose pliers, tape measure – everything necessary for 94% of problems) and then there were some speechy introduction things and some more things and food. I ended up talking with a group of three girls on the way to the big speech thing and then later I somehow ended up in one of their rooms…
Watching Doctor Who. Aw yeah. This is exactly what I hoped for in university.

The first week was pretty uneventful for me – I managed to go to an excessive number of pub quizzes but got struck with Fresher’s Flu very early on because of excessive rain and lack of an umbrella and so spent much of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday curled up after dosing up on ibuprofen rather than going out and having fun. I had a variety of struggles with the university network, which requires one to have Windows 7 SP1 installed to connect, something that I have had problems with in the past. I tried a lot of things and talked to an exceptionally unhelpful IT guy and his crony, who suggested that I might try looking online for the solution to my problem. Obviously. I would never have thought of that one. I later found out that most of the reason that I wanted to get off the guest internet and use the main network was moot because I wanted to be able to use Steam and play League of Legends and use IRC… all of which are blocked by the firewall anyway. Oh well, there are workarounds.

Lectures have been fairly interesting so far, involving quite a bit of maths but with a few modules having more of a focus on structure. I think the trickiest module will be engineering maths, which is essentially just a pure maths module with no application to real problems and covers lots of Further Maths things like complex numbers and matrices. I still have no idea how either of them are relevant to civil engineering.
Probably my favourite lecture/lesson is interfaculty Japanese, which I somehow managed to get timetabled for me as a credited module instead of a optional (and uninteresting) engineering module after a bit of wiggling. Sure all we’ve learned so far is ten Hiragana and how to introduce ourselves (something I’m well up on) but I’m sure that I’ll get to something new in the next few weeks.

Socially I’ve been doing my best but haven’t exactly been partying hard. I’ve avoided any and all clubbing so far and most heavy drinking sessions, though I have joined the people in my block a few times for corridor parties. I seem to be getting on well with most people, though I haven’t found any single person that I’ve become particularly good friends with yet.
In other news… OH MAN THAT GODDAMN CLG EU VS WORLD ELITE GAME. I was up until 4am watching that and it still didn’t manage to conclude. Thank the benevolent gods for Jatt and Deman casting like bosses for 8 hours straight. Oh, and the finish to that CLG NA vs SK game was pretty intense.

That is all.


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