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Every so often this happens:

y u no blog

And I go “Hmm, why don’t I blog any more?” Then I remember that my life isn’t especially interesting or noteworthy, nothing going on in my life right now is terribly sensational and even if it was, this blog has a nasty habit of being read by my mother and various family members, meaning that I end up being somewhat reserved in my disclosure and use of profanities. Regardless, it has been a while and I feel that I should put something here, even if it’s only entirely mundane.

As you might recall from the last entry I am currently doing Civil Engineering at Nottingham University, which is pretty alright I suppose. The quality of lecturers varies pretty wildly and I do tend to find that my enjoyment and subsequent grade in a subject seems to revolve a lot around the lecturer. This term I intend to make an effort to read a textbook for the subjects with an inferior lecturer rather than just giving up on that subject because I feel like I can’t learn anything.
I did recently get back my marks from my first term modules, which were generally good. Three modules spread over the 60s, one 59 [and also a 30 (and a 10)]. This means only one retake! Hooray! And I nearly got a first in Japanese! Pity I’m on a CivEng course. As for the retake, that particular exam was super-awful and both of my future housemates also need to retake it.
Which brings me to another thing: I have somewhere to live next year. It’s an actually rather nice house in Lenton where I will be living with Luke and Tim, both of whom are massive nerds. Tim actually owns the house because he’s from Surrey and that’s just what people from Surrey do when they go to common places like Nottingham. This means that he’s both my housemate and my landlord, so it’ll be interesting to see how that works out.

In terms of life, I’ve been shockingly active over the last week or so. Rather than spending the evenings bored in my room I’ve actually been going out and doing some things, including ‘clubbing’. ‘Clubbing’ involves dressing inappropriately for the outside temperature resulting in possible hypothermia before ingesting large amounts of dilute ethanol and travelling at great expense to a room where one is essentially mentally beaten with clubs until near death (hence the name). Some of my contemporaries find this to be incredibly exciting and interesting, but frankly I was just very bored for most of it. There’s only so many times you want to get your head caved in by bass before you just want to sit down with a cup of tea and a book for the rest of your life.

Much more my scene was the LAN party I went to the following night last weekend. A LAN party involves a collection of nerds putting their computers all together in a room and playing exciting games. Since all the computers are connected over the Local Area Network and not over the internet it is known as a LAN party (even though many newer games don’t support LAN play). It was pretty fun to meet some people I’ve only ever talked to on voice chat and the like and say ‘Hi, I’m Ben from the internet.’ We played League and I played support and it was good. And when someone does something stupid you can actually beat them around the head.

I also bought some things recently. I finally decided to give in to my inherent otaku-ness and decorate my wall with cool things. This is where we’re at currently:


oh god what did WordPress do to their image insertion tool

It’s pretty good and I especially like the Nichijou poster on the right. I wish I had a better way to display some of my cooler Comiket loot but most of it isn’t really wall-hangable. The wall scrolls I’m not so sure about. I like the CCS Sakura but the Tsubasa Chronicle Sakura is pretty pixellated when you go up close to it. I think that overall posters are going to give me much better quality. Talking of which, in the next few days this should be arriving:


seriously there’s no way to easily change the actual image size any more

Which is pretty awesome, I think anyway. I’ve been looking for a good Star Driver poster for a while and this one is pretty much perfect.
In other nerdy pursuits, I went into town last week saying that I didn’t really need to buy much and somehow ended up with this:


I have to repeatedly open the image menu and reduce size by 40%

The Hyrule Historia in particular is really nice, and though I haven’t read much of it yet, one can never have enough CLAMP.

Finally there’s audio things, in which I finally decided to go ahead and get a Fostex HP-A3 which was really cheap and not at all expensive. It just arrived today but it sounds really nice, is solid as a rock, looks mega-pretty (at least to my engineer eyes) and also runs entirely off USB power. I’ve only used the internal amp so far but I expect to be using it DAC-only for the most part. I’ll also probably use it as a transportable rig with my laptop.


I get that they want to simplify it but taking away key functionality is just dumb

So there you go, a brief summary of things happening to me right now. Until someone else tweets at me to blog more…



  1. Elliot -EZ- de Bondt (@ZER0EZ) said,


    • joethearachnid said,

      Hi! I’m glad you took an interest in my blog! I’ve noted your specific criticisms and will look to improve those areas in the next entry.

      Now go fuck yourself.

      • Max said,

        I liked it, Ben. 😀

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