About Me

The writer of this blog is called Benedict Michael Herrmann Brown. He’s a quarter German. He lives in the South-East of England, and he’s cynical and sarcastic quite a lot of the time. He often doesn’t care what other people think and does stupid things anyway, he likes videogames and books, and he blogs because he is insecure and likes to think that someone might read the damn thing other than Chris Smedley. He also hates change, and cried last time the radiators were changed. He is currently fifteen years of age, but will turn sixteen on the twenty-first of January 2009, by which time he hopes The Conduit will be nearly out.
[EDIT] Ben is now Sixteen. He doesn’t feel much different, and it doesn’t seem likely to him that anyone is going to want to have sex with him any time soon. Since he can do nothing different except this from when he was fifteen, he feels that this is a birthday wasted. And The damn Conduit ain’t out yet.
[EDIT] Ben is still Sixteen, but will soon begin Sixth Form (Year 12), about which he is fairly terrified. He is currently going through a ‘Japanese’ phase and so has been watching Anime, reading Manga and listening to J-Pop, regardless of the reaction of others. The Conduit is now out, and it is awesome.



  1. Chris said,

    SWEET!!!! Mentioned! Don’t give TOO much away…. I mean Jeez! There are those people who will track you down and rape you! In that Arse….. HARD. I mean…. now that they know that your Surname is Brown and that you live in the same area as a Smedley (I think there are like 2 in all of Britain (both used to be in the phone book(not any more))) they can find out ROUGHLY where you are…. well roughly…. more like EXACTLY. They just have to go through the Browns in the phone book and see which one looks like a 15 year old boy….. that likes books and video games…. then, you get raped…..

    Also, this spell check thing the “British English Dictionary” tool says that Arse is spelt incorrectly….

  2. Max said,

    I’m older than you. 😀

  3. Maddoxhardcore said,

    I’m astounded.

    Your blog is simply the best blog in the history of blogs. Is there some way you could publish it and give me the profits? Nein? Fine.

    When you’re older i’ll trap you into marriage and make you blog for me, much like the bearable Steven King novel Misery, only I wont break your legs and I won’t make you use a typewriter.

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