[Last updated 15/05/2010]

Further Moi:

  • Twitter – Hey hey. Stalk me all you like, I try to keep this fairly updated all the time. May sometimes be used for months in lieu of real blogging.
  • Facebook – I gave in and joined Facebook. I hate it. Keep in mind that if you add me as a friend and I don’t know who you are, I’ll probably reject your sorry arse.
  • YouTube – Don’t visit my channel. Just don’t.
  • Google – Google me, get me. It’s awesome.
  • The Archive – My previous blog on Bebo (now immortalised in non-sucking WordPress form), in which I document my struggles against… um… stuff. Just in case you are really bored and want to know most of what’s happened to me since the fifth of October, in the year two thousand and seven.

Cool links to cool stuff. Not as cool as me, mind.
Also not in any particular order – I love you all (except IGN, fuck you).

  • Maddoxhardcore – A nice gal who lives in Wales and has an interesting vlog and also makes other videos of varying genre and profanity. Her (rarely updated these days) written blog is here.
  • Wii Folder – What began as one guy (Josh Thomas) doing amusing tours of Wii games on YouTube, he got such great support that he set up a site and runs it as a second job. His videos aren’t quite as good as they used to be, but he’s still zany and fun. Updates are oft infrequent, though.
  • The Game OverThinker – Also goes by the name Moviebob, he has two blogs, one (far more extensive) for film reviews and one for the Game OverThinker. These are effectively philosophical rant videos about videogames that discuss a particular theme or issue. His Game Overthinker videos are now featured on ScrewAttack and ‘Escape to the Movies’ with MovieBob is a weekly feature on The Escapist. Cool, eh? Just remember that I knew him BEFORE he was famous.
  • The Grue – Home to Peter Hicks and his almost never updated blog. He’s a good chap, he just has little subject matter. Hosted on his own server – Prone to explode every other week, so don’t get your hopes up. (Not actually sure what’s up there at the moment; I can’t access it but the other half of the internet, I’m told, can).
  • Lord Max – The website of another friend of mine, built (apparently) entirely from scratch using CSS and XHTML, or something similar. His blog is currently updated infrequently, but it tends to be mainly about his obsession for Team Fortress 2 and all things Valve anyway.
  • Blog of Mozillo – The blog of yet another friend, hosted on WordPress after he saw how flashy my new blog looked and thus decided to copy me. Enjoy mildly depressing, fairly interesting ranting and an almost constant stream of controversial content to get more views. Maybe.
  • Explosm – I read Cyanide and Happiness every day. It’s sick, weird, and most of the time hilarious.
  • IGN – Although it seems like a big corporate arsehole, and, well, it is, these guys have great reviews and news first, and whilst I mainly read the Wii section, I occasionally read the Gear section and other articles that catch my eye. Matt and Bozon are nice people, honest. [NB Matt and Bozon have now both left IGN and it’s a spam-ridden corporate arsehole. Avoid in favour of…]
  • Kotaku – A truly unique gaming news site, providing as much tangentially related stories about giant robots in Japan as actual gaming news. Currently my gaming news outlet of choice.
  • ScrewAttack – Not so much a gaming news site, just a brilliant community and amusing content.
  • XKCD – Not just ‘a’ webcomic, but THE webcomic. Read it, and find out why.
  • Head-Fi – Due to my recent obsession with audio equipment, headphones etcetera, I’ve been spending a reasonable amount of time here. Full of people with far too much money to spend on audio, but also incredibly nice and helpful people. If you want to buy a pair of closed-backed portable electrostatic headphones with a nominal impedance of under 60Ω that also look nice for under £70, they can probably find or recommend the perfect pair for you. Or tell you what all those terms mean.
  • CLAMP – I freaking love CLAMP. Literally the best mangaka ever. Site is in Japanese, BTW.
  • Dr McNinja – Yet another webcomic, this time featuring a Ninja who is also a doctor. Hilarious, action packed and very well done.

Also, if any of these links are broken (or you want to be added), leave an angry comment and it shall be efixèd unless it’s Max’s or Peter’s website, which may have exploded server syndrome.



  1. Chris said,

    I find that Offensive!

  2. Chris said,

    Also, “Flash loving” *moves eyebrows up and down*

  3. joethearachnid said,

    See, now you have to comment on everything TWICE. And maybe I wouldn’t insult you if you updated your motherfracking blog every so often without me TYPING IN CAPITALS! Seriously. It’s been 24 days since your last update. The Game OverThinker can get away with that ’cause he’s a genius, but YOU… Well.

  4. Chris said,

    Hey! I’ve know written 2 blogs! So in your flash loving face!

  5. blackbeardslog said,

    Don’t suppose my blog could be on here? *grovel* *whine* *sniff dejectedly*

    • joethearachnid said,

      Done. I also called you an internet amateur.

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